By : Abdo Gedeon

The Phoenician Flag: This flag was blue, symbolizing the sea, yet the red color was later added to it
 when the purple color was discovered.
The Mamluks Flag : It consisted of a cloth embroidered with golden threads.
The Rebels Flag : It consisted of a cross and a sword, both white, on a red cloth.
The Rebels Flag: during Prince Ibrahim Era: It became a white cloth with a red carnation at the bottom right corner.
The Lamate Flag: It consisted of a white cloth with a drawing of a Lion.
The Shehabian Flag:   Consisted of a blue cloth with a white crescent.
The Tannoukhian Flag: Consisted of 5 colors divided vertically in equal bands of white, blue, yellow, red and green.
The Abi Kand Flag: Consisted of two vertical and equal bands, one yellow and one blue.
The Maanites Flag at the end of the Maanites Emirate End of the 17th century.
The National Maanites Flag:  The Kassy Party Flag.
The Jumblatian Flag: It consisted of a red flag with a green frame; a sword and a dark green hand in the middle.
The Ottoman Flag :Consisted of a red cloth with a white crescent and white star in the center,
 and remained as such until their departure in 1918.

The Lebanese flag during the French Mandate
it was similar to the Blue, White and Red French Flag with a green Cedar in the middle, and was designed
 by the president of the Lebanese Nahda   renaissance Movement, the late Naoum Mukarzel.

 The Lebanese Cedar . Following the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it consisted of a white cloth
with a green cedar in the center.

The Independence Flag : As drawn by the MPs using pencils during the parliamentary session.
The National Flag  White and Red with a cedar in the center. The Cedar consists of two thirds of the size of the white band.
The National Anthem translated into English:

All for the country, for sublimity, for the flag

Time is replete with our sword and pen
Our fields and mountains are a source of men
Our words and deeds, all aim towards perfection

Repeat the chorus

Our elderly and young at the call of their country
Are jungle lions when faced with obstacles
Lebanon remains eternally in heart of the East
May the lord preserve it till the end of time

Repeat the chorus

Its sea and land are the jewels of both orients
Its generosity and loyalty fill up the two poles
Its name and honor have prevailed since the time of our ancestors
Its glory and cedars symbolize its eternity

Repeat the chorus

Lyrics: Rachid Nakhl
Music: Wadih Sabra
Adopted: 1927